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Tackling the climate emergency

Stanley Moss nature reserve

iiE Accreditation

We know that, fundamentally, our nature reserves are making a positive contribution, but as an organisation we are looking at how we operate, across all our activities, and seeking to improve.
Emily Routledge
Durham Wildlife Trust

To help reduce our carbon footprint, Durham Wildlife Trust is undertaking Investors in the Environment accreditation (iiE) with Genee.

iiE is a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help businesses and organisations of all sizes save money, reduce their impact on the environment and improve their green credentials.

With guidance from Genee, Durham Wildlife Trust is looking forward to creating and implementing a new environmental management system through iiE, further reducing the Trust’s carbon footprint and saving charity resources. In the process of securing the accreditation, the Trust will build on its already strong environmental work, upgrade its environmental policies and, hopefully, inspire other businesses and organisations to do the same.

Genee is a not for profit environmental consultancy which was established by the North East England Nature Partnership – Durham Wildlife Trust is a founder member of the Partnership. Genee delivers iiE accreditation across our region and works with organisations of all sizes. To find out more, visit www.genee.org.uk

Membership of NEECCO

We are pleased to announce our support for the recently created North East of England Climate Coalition (NEECCo).

NEECCo is England’s first regional climate coalition and it is open to all organisations from all sectors to join.

The coalition has been created to tackle the climate emergency, reverse ecological collapse, and deliver an urgent and just transition.

Collectively we hope our activities will help make the North East England’s greenest region.

For more information please see the new NEECCo website.

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