Ambition to become ‘England’s greenest region’ launched in the North East

Ambition to become ‘England’s greenest region’ launched in the North East

Durham Wildlife Trust is pleased to support the North East of England Climate Coalition (NEECCo) which recently launched a collective ambition for the North East region of “Becoming England’s Greenest region”.

NEECCo is England’s first regional cross-sector climate coalition and we are calling for every individual, household, business and organisation to sign up and make a pledge to do their bit via their website

The cross-sector coalition is bringing the North East region together to tackle the climate emergency, to reverse ecological collapse and deliver a just transition to a new green economy.

The unique history of the North East as the birthplace of the industrial revolution and innovations such as steam engines, deep pit mining, electric turbines and power stations which built the historic wealth of the region through coal, places a responsibility and an opportunity for the region to be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution – one based on a green economy with good jobs, better quality of life and enhanced natural assets for everyone to enjoy.

Durham Wildlife Trust is proud to be a key partner in NEECCo alongside a wide range of public sector, private sector, and community sector organisations.  We truly believe that we can go further and faster together, for the benefit of our people, communities, and economy in the North East.

For more information you can read the North East England Climate Coalition launch statement below. 

We have pledged this year to support The Wildlife Trusts' calling for at least 30% of our land and sea to be connected and protected for nature’s recovery by 2030 and we hope that other organisations will also sign up as NEECCo supporters and make their own pledge to help with “Becoming England’s Greenest region”. 

Visit the NEECCo website at today and make your pledge.  Together we can achieve far more.