Zoom Session Guidance

Please read the following guidance prior to attending one of the Durham Wildlife Trust Zoom sessions:

All presenters, whether Durham Wildlife Trust staff or from outside organisations, have received training in safeguarding and will identify themselves at the start of their session.  

The nature of Zoom sessions requires the use of laptop or tablet video facilities. Participants are advised to read and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Participants must be physically located in safe working spaces, appropriate for online sessions; a lounge or study is appropriate, a bedroom or bathroom is not.
  • Participants should be suitably attired for an online video session
  • Participants should ensure that appropriate language and behaviour is maintained throughout the session
  • Sessions are aimed at over 18s, if an under 18 would like to attend an adult must be present throughout
  • Under no circumstances should session leaders or participant’s personal contact details be shared. Communication between presenters and participants by social media or any method other than those stated above is prohibited. Private chat or sharing of images between participants and session leaders is prohibited.

Anyone not adhering to the above guidance will be removed from the session.