Trust appeals to protect sites

Sadly we've had a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour and littering on our sites. We're appealing to people to protect our reserves.

Throughout lockdown Trust sites have been open to those who live locally and have provided a much-needed dose of nature to help during these difficult times. On the whole, we have been pleased to see the sites respected.

With restrictions slightly eased and more people accessing our nature reserves, our small team has worked extremely hard to open car parks and make spaces safe for visiting humans and resident wildlife.

That’s why it was very disappointing and frustrating to open up Rainton Meadows on 18th May and find the scene in the photograph below at Joe’s Pond:

Joes Pond Litter

🚮 Cans, bottles, packaging dumped on the path and in the pond
📄 Our posters containing wildlife advice ripped down and thrown in the pond
🎣 Fishing line tangled in the hawthorn – fishing IS NOT permitted

At other locations, we’ve had reports of:
🐶 discarded dog poo bags
⛺️ camping
🗑 fly tipping

We know that the majority of our supporters treat our sites with the respect they deserve. It is sad that some people do not. We are asking for people to share this message and help us spread awareness of the issue in the hope it might prevent it happening again.

If you have concerns about any of our nature reserves, please contact us on and if you see any large gatherings we would ask that you report the matter to police.

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