Marvellous Mammals

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Marvellous Mammals

Mammals are found on every continent, except Antarctica, and in every ocean. They are extremely adaptable, some can fly, swim, burrow under the ground, swing from tree to tree. The smallest mammal in the world is the bumblebee bat which is only about 3 cm long from head to body, not much bigger than a large bumblebee! The largest mammal is the blue whale, measuring up to 30 m, the length of a large aeroplane!


Have a look at our All About Mammal Sheet by clicking the link below – no doubt there will be a few interesting mammal groups you have never heard of and your parents won’t have heard of them either!

There are around 5, 500 species of mammal in the world many of which we know very well but there are also some very unusual and interesting species and some we won’t have discovered yet!

After looking at the sheet, watch the videos below to learn more.

Think you know a lot about mammals? Have a go at our Mammal Quiz which is based on the information above. 


We have around 30 species of wild, terrestrial (land based) mammals in the UK. You won’t see many of them unless you spend a lot of time outside. What you will see however, if you are observant, is lots of signs that they are about. Look out for footprints, droppings, mammal paths through the vegetation and feeding remains.  Take a look at our Mammal Tracks Sheet by clicking on the link below and see what you can find whilst out on a walk. Just after rain when there’s lots of mud about is a good time to look for tracks.

mammal track match sheet

Test out your skills with our tracking match sheet .


Print and colour in the mammal masks or have a go at creating your own for a bit of creative fun. You could have a game of predator/prey hide and seek whilst out on a walk or in your garden, enjoy! Click on the link under the image below to download the sheet.

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