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Healing Nature

Healing Nature will create more resilient conditions for wildlife to thrive, while ensuring local communities are better connected to their local wildlife sites. 

Government funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund has enabled the Trust to form a Healing Nature project team, tasked with protecting and ecologically restoring important habitats, including grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands.

The team includes three new full-time posts, three part-time posts and four trainees, recruited through the Kickstart programme. They will work alongside volunteers to restore the sites and create more resilient conditions for a rich variety of wildlife. The work will include woodland management, pond restoration, grassland management, scrub clearance, and planting hedges.

Healing Nature will also have a significant impact on communities, making sure residents are better connected to their local wildlife sites. This will include new paths, gates, and signage to make the sites more welcoming and easier to use. Furthermore, the Trust will also arrange activities and events – both face to face and online – to encourage community groups, families, young people and local residents to get involved, as well as delivering educational sessions at schools.

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Explore our Healing Nature sites

Healing Nature Project sites - Gateshead

Explore our Healing Nature sites

Healing Nature Project sites - Sunderland


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Explore our Healing Nature sites

Healing Nature Project sites - South Tyneside



This landmark project offers incredible scope for you to get involved. Whether that would be practical based task activity, surveys, or general administration work, we would love to have you involved and add value to the #HealingNature project.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch using our volunteer contact email:  healingnature@durhamwt.co.uk

Make sure you leave your name and contact options, along with how you would like to get involved!

UPDATE:  We are still running some litter pick activities on some of our Healing Nature sites over May, and also Wildlife and Wellbeing walks. Keep checking our Events page for our latest activities.


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For us to understand how often people use each site and for what purpose, our team have created a short survey to answer these questions.

We would love your hear your thoughts!  Please click on the button below which will redirect you to our survey form.



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