Fungi Friday’s Fantastic Results

Fungi Friday’s Fantastic Results

There was a great turn out for the Fungi training day at Black Plantation, as volunteers from Rainton Meadows and Low Barns attended the annual event.

The event was held by Doug McCutcheon, who is an expert on Fungi and led the training day to help volunteers learn about the complex group of organisms.

On the day, the group found that it was perfect conditions  – dry weather but wet under foot –  to go and see what species of Fungi could be found in the local area.  The group of volunteers found as soon as they stepped on to the site, they were able to see a variety of sizes and colour of Fungi.

By the end of the day, Doug was able to say that they managed to identify 52 different fungi including; Rhodocollybia butyracea (Butter Cup), Mycena arcangeliana (Angel’s Bonnet) and the group was able to name most of the mushrooms confidently due Doug’s expansive knowledge. 

The group was also able to compare results and record new sightings from last year and see if there was an increase or decrease in fungi in the area. They cannot wait to compare next year’s results and see what has changed.

Fungi Friday Botany Group