Tow Law Millennium School ‘Green Leaders’ jump into action

Tow Law Millennium School ‘Green Leaders’ jump into action

With a National Tree Week grant from Durham County Council, hedging plants and trees were purchased to complete the hedge around Thornley Wood just below Tow Law.

A group of eight pupils - 'Green Leaders' - from Tow Law Millennium Primary School came to lend their efforts to plant the small whips completing the hedge line bordering the road.

A selection of fruit and nut bearing trees and hedging whips were planted including: hawthorn, hazel, guelder rose, wild cherry, and hornbeam. These will provide colour in the autumn and blossom in the spring, and eventually will form an important habitat for insects, birds and small mammals.

The hedge now complete the children cannot wait to see their hedge grow and have been invited back in the summer to assess their efforts.

While finishing off after the school had left, the Project Officer Anne Porter, had several people stop as they passed to say what a good job Durham Wildlife Trust has done in planting the site.

It has been a team effort between many volunteer community groups, Tow Law Millennium and Wolsingham schools. Thank you to you all, without your support we would not have achieved this.