SeaScapes Intertidal Survey Volunteer

SeaScapes Intertidal Survey Volunteer

Location: The South Tyneside – Sunderland – Durham - Hartlepool coast., Blackhall Rocks
Blackhall Colliery, TS27 4DG
SeaScapes Intertidal Survey Volunteers are trained to identify and record the wildlife on shores between the Tyne and the Tees using different survey methods. The data collected by this project will be shared nationally to ensure it makes an impact.

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For more information contact Dorinda Kealoha: / 0191 5843112

It's a great way to explore your local coast, learn more about the wildlife found there and add to our understanding of this important habitat.

The data collected in the intertidal surveys helps experts to monitor our fragile sea life and better understand the effects of pollution, climate change and invasive alien species.

Anyone can be an Intertidal Volunteer: all you need is enthusiasm! If you enjoy spending time by the coast regularly, why not take time to join a survey and record what you see – and what you don’t?!

We will provide full training on how to undertake shore surveys for all volunteers. There will be many different ways to get involved, and there will be opportunities to input your own ideas of what we should focus on.

Important Information:
The deadline for this round of volunteer applications is Friday 3rd September 2021
Attendance at a SeaScapes Intertidal Survey training course is essential.
There are two training courses coming up, and you are welcome to come to one or both:
-  9.30am-2pm Wednesday 8th September in Hartlepool
-  11am-3.30pm on Saturday 11th September in Sunderland

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